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Managed IT Services:  A Fresh, Proactive Approach to IT

We offer two different levels of Managed IT Services because we know all of our clients have different needs and different budgets. 

MITS Silver:  With the silver package, we monitor all of your computers and servers 24/7 and alert you to any problems that may arise. This package also includes regularly scheduled maintenance and patch management to keep your systems healthy & running at peak performance thus improving their reliability. Typically this allows us to notify you of any impending issues lurking out in the distance before they have a chance to cause any serious problems or downtime. At your discretion, we can then resolve those issues for you either through remote support or with an onsite visit.  

MITS Gold:  The gold package features all of the benefits of the silver package listed above plus unlimited remote support to resolve any issues that may occur. That means when a problem does come along and can be fixed remotely, the majority of which can, you don’t pay anything extra -it’s all included in the service! In addition, you also get anti-virus and anti-spyware defense to keep your systems protected along with our spam & virus email filtering service. With MITS Gold, you will also have access to our online help desk solution making CTSU your virtual tech department. All this for just a fraction of what an in house tech department would normally cost!

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Virtualization:  Doing More With Less

Most of our clients are looking for ways to stretch their IT budget a little further these days. With virtualization, lowering costs doesn't have to mean sacrificing performance or reliability. Have a couple of servers that are starting to show their age? Instead of spending the money to invest in low level or cheaper replacements, we can design a virtual server environment that many times will give you greater performance and reliability for less! The same goes for workstations and software... With virtual desktops and cloud computing, you can drastically reduce your IT costs!
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Network Security:  Keeping the outside world outside your network!

There are many threats to your network today:  hackers, viruses, spyware, malware, spam, the list goes on and on... CTSU provides industry leading appliances to keep your network safe. We also offer antivirus software from Symantec and McAfee among others to protect your systems at the desktop and server level. Why so many different products? Each situation is unique, so we offer a wide range of products in order to offer the very best solution to meet any client need and budget.

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Hardware & Software Sales:  A wide range of products to meet your needs and your budget.

CTSU offers an array of hardware and software options to meet your needs. We offer products ranging from desktops to firewalls, VOIP phones to IP surveillance systems, and we can even help you choose the best Microsoft licensing options to meet your particular situation. If you're in the market for new hardware or software, check with one of our solutions experts who can help you choose the right solution for you.

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Offsite Backup:  Is your data safe?

No matter if you have 1 server or 50, chances are you can't afford to lose any data on them. Whether it's an equipment malfunction, natural disaster, virus, or even a disgruntled employee, most businesses will experience some type of data loss. With offsite backup solutions from CTSU, you don't ever have to worry about your data again. We remotely backup your data and even store previous versions of files which you have 24/7 access to just in case someone accidentally overwrites the wrong copy of that important file...
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